The All-New Vuforia™ 4.0

It's here - Vuforia 4.0, with the most advanced recognition and tracking algorithms to date, packed with features and tools to give you the ability to create your best apps yet. We're launching the SDK on our newly redesigned developer portal, where you will discover easy-to-find resources and a streamlined workflow to jumpstart your development.

What's new:

Object Recognition

Object Recognition, one of our most requested features, enables apps to recognize and track a wide range of objects. This new capability is ideally suited to bring toys and consumer products to life.

Vuforia Object Scanner

The Vuforia Object Scanner is an Android app that makes it easy to create object targets. As you scan an object, the app provides real-time visual feedback on the target quality, coverage, and tracking performance, allowing you to test and adjust the target even before starting app development.

iOS 64-bit Support

Support for building 64-bit apps on iOS is now available, giving you the ability to create compelling user experiences on compatible iOS devices that are more responsive and richer in graphics.

As our platform has evolved to include advanced new features and tools, we're making the full SDK available to you at no charge during development. And when you're ready to deploy your app, you'll be able to choose from a range of deployment plans to suit your needs.

To learn more about the plans, click here.

Our goal with Vuforia 4.0 is to help you build the most compelling and robust mobile vision experiences to excite and engage users like never before. We believe our latest SDK represents the very best mobile vision solution and we can't wait to see what you create with it.

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