July 22, 2020

Vuforia Engine 9.3 is Available!

Vuforia Engine 9.3 releases today and the team has developed some great new things that continue to evolve our advanced features. Below are just a few of the changes included in Vuforia Engine 9.3 – be sure to check out the release notes for the full list.

Since the initial release of both Model Targets and Area Targets, Vuforia has been committed to improving the usability and performance of these advanced features. Check out some of our new enhancements:

  • Model Targets - Improvements to the training of Advanced Model Targets allows for better recognition of objects when the object covers most or all of the view. While ideally it is best for the object's silhouette and some background to be in view, this is no longer strictly required for recognition. To take advantage of this new feature, please re-train your databases with the Vuforia 9.3 Model Target Generator.
  • Model Target Generator - For overlapping recognition ranges, a warning has been added to the Model Target Generator in case multiple Advanced Guide Views have been created that share the same target extent. This reduces database size and improves recognition speed.
  • ATG and MTG input/output paths - Localized input and output paths – in particular paths containing Chinese, Japanese or Korean Characters - are now supported in the Area Target Generator and the Model Target Generator.
  • Java language bindings for Android have been removed.


The entire team at Vuforia is extremely excited about all the technology we’re building this year and we cannot wait to see the amazing games, experiences, and applications that our community is building!

If you have an AR experience you’d like to share with us, please send any videos of your Vuforia Engine application to vuforia-feedback@ptc.com.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Team

June 15, 2020

Vuforia Engine 9.2 is Available!

Vuforia Engine 9.2 drops today! This release includes many quality of life improvements based on community feedback. Please be sure to check out the release notes for the full list.

The Vuforia team is committed to making our developers successful in developing augmented reality applications. Below are a few new pieces of content to help support the community when using our new features.

  • How to Create Model Targets - Link
  • How to Create Instant Image Targets - Link
  • Unity Blog: Vuforia Engine Area Targets - Link
  • Stay tuned for our Area Targets Webinar!


Be on the lookout for more content, as we will be releasing videos regularly at our YouTube channel (link).

The entire team at Vuforia is extremely excited about all the technology we’re building this year and we cannot wait to see the amazing games, experiences, and applications that our community is building! We’d love to see what you are doing, feel free to send movie links to: vuforia-feedback@ptc.com to show us what you are doing with Vuforia Engine.

If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Team

May 6, 2020

Vuforia Engine 9.1 is Available!

The Vuforia Engine team is excited to announce our most recent update! This release we’ve focused on prioritizing enhancements on our leading functionalities and adding new device support. Vuforia Engine 9.1 includes the following advancements and support:

  • Model Target improvements (Improved tracking, stabilization, and recognition)
  • Higher resolution on popular ARCore devices
  • RealWear HMT-1 support
  • Improvements to Playmode Simulator
  • ATG available on macOS


For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

Mar 18, 2020

Vuforia Engine 9.0 is Available!

The Vuforia Engine team has been working hard to offer our developers more ways to create immersive, engaging AR experiences – and today we get to show you that work. Vuforia Engine 9.0 includes the following advancements and functionality:

  • Vuforia Engine Area Targets with Area Target Generator
  • Advanced Model Targets – Multiple Model Detection
  • Scanned Model Targets
  • Simulation Play Mode
  • Vuforia Engine Tracking Scale
  • Continued experiences when pausing applications


Vuforia Engine Area Targets enable developers to use an entire space, be it a factory floor or retail store, as an augmented reality target. Design intuitive navigation for factories and malls, dynamic marketing promotions inside stores, or useful amenity and service details for hotel rooms with this powerful new feature.

Using our first supported device, a Matterport Pro2 camera, developers can create a detailed 3D scan of a desired location. Locations are recommended to be indoors, mostly static, and no larger than 1,000 m² (10,000 sqft). Once the scan produces a 3D model it can be converted into an Area Target with the Vuforia Area Target Generator. This target can then be brought into Unity where content can be placed within a digital representation of the space. You simply scan, author, and view your Area Target AR experience.

Model Targets are one of our most powerful features that use CAD models to offer robust tracking. To offer even more use cases, we’ve extended its capabilities to support multiple objects being detected from any angle within the same scene. This allows applications to discover multiple products or different items automatically without pre-selecting them. To make Model Targets more accessible we published a detailed guide for using Model Targets with objects that have been scanned using a 3D scanner, such as the Structure Scanner from Occipital 3D. Scanned Model Targets allow developers to build experiences that offer all the same powerful tracking without having to get access to a CAD model.

To help developers better visualize their AR applications, we’re offering a Simulation Play Mode. This allows users to “walk through” or around the 3D model and see the final AR experience from their computer. This can be useful for testing applications where you may have limited access to the physical space or object.

We’ve also made user improvements for both developers and end-users. For developers, we’re now offering Vuforia Engine Tracking Scale. This will automatically convert from meters, which Vuforia Engine natively uses, to whatever unit system you’re using in Unity. It provides an arbitrary scale in your virtual scene to help you adjust digital content. From the end-user perspective, we’ve greatly improved tracking when an application is interrupted. This could be when you get a phone call or open another application. When the user comes back to the AR application tracking will continue.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

Jan 28, 2020

Vuforia Engine Supported in Unity

Hello Vuforia Developers

On Friday January 24th Unity posted an “XR Platform Updates” article. Unfortunately, the original version of this article included unclear information about Vuforia Engine. Vuforia Engine is still supported, and will continue to be supported, in Unity. What has changed is that the Vuforia Engine package will no longer be natively distributed by Unity but can be easily obtained from the Unity Asset Store via our Core Samples or our hosted NPM registry. You can learn more about how to download the Vuforia Engine package here.

We apologize for any confusion. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Team

Dec 10, 2019

Vuforia Engine 8.6 is Available!

The new year may be just around the corner, but Vuforia Engine updates are available now. The team has been working hard on enhancing Model Targets, improving workflows, and adding an entirely new supported platform! Vuforia Engine 8.6 includes the following advancements and functionality:

  • Model Target Enhancements for Automobile Tracking
  • Instant Image Targets
  • New Platform: Support for Lumin OS on Magic Leap 1
  • New Eyewear Device Support: Vuzix M400
  • Power Optimization for HoloLens 1 & 2


Model Targets have been a powerful feature for our customers and developers when wanting to track real-world objects. Based on feedback, we’ve enhanced our tracking capabilities for a more robust and stable experience on automobiles and similar highly reflective large objects. Simply switch Model Target Tracker into “Cars” mode in the Vuforia Engine configuration to take advantage of this new upgrade.

When it comes to ease of use and versatility, Images Targets are still a go-to feature when designing AR experiences. To help optimize the process of implementing these targets in your applications, Vuforia Engine now supports Instant Image Targets. With this update, you’ll no longer have to go through the Target Manager in the Vuforia Developer Portal. Instead, you’ll simply bring the desired image files directly into your development platform while you build or even at run-time.

The Vuforia team has also been working closely with our hardware partners, and we’re excited to announce that we are now including support for a new developer platform - Magic Leap Lumin OS! For developers who have access to a Magic Leap 1 we have sample content available for download.

To further extend our portfolio of eyewear devices we integrated support for Vuzix M400. For those customers planning to use the HoloLens 1 and 2 for longer durations of time we’ve now added a power optimization option for stationary AR experiences, especially when using Advanced Model Targets.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

Oct 01, 2019

Vuforia Engine 8.5 is Available!

The Vuforia team is excited to announce Vuforia Engine 8.5! This release includes the following updates:

  • New API to optimize Model Target tracking
  • Enhancements to Vuforia VISLAM
  • Support for Hololens 2


Model Targets are once again a highlight feature in this update! With the combination of developer feedback and the massive potential this technology holds, we wanted to optimize how applications track a model based on the use case.

We've now introduced a new API that allows for a “Static” or “Adaptive” mode. When the real-world model remains stationary, like a large industrial machine, implementing the “Static” API will use significantly less processing power. This enables a longer lasting and higher performance experience for those models. For objects that won’t be stationary the “Adaptive” API allows for a continued robust experience.

The Vuforia team understands that functionality like ground plane and extended tracking are still vital attributes of many AR applications. Our new enhancements to Vuforia VISLAM increase the stability and performance of those AR experiences. These benefits extend to applications running on older devices.

Finally, developers will now be able to create Vuforia Engine applications for Microsoft HoloLens 2 once commercially available! We can’t wait to see what the Vuforia Engine community builds.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

Jun 20, 2019

Vuforia Engine 8.3 is Available!

Summer is here, the sun is out, and so is Vuforia Engine’s newest release! The team has been eagerly awaiting this announcement, as it’s one of our smartest advancements with AR.

  • Advanced Model Targets 360 - Recognition Powered by AI
  • Brand New Model Target Generator Interface
  • Improvements to Platform Specific Illumination Classes
  • Upgrade to ARCore 1.7

In our last major release, we announced Advanced Model Targets that allowed for multiple views. Using AI, we enabled developers to choose several guide views that would appear when the user approached a physical model.

Now – no guide views needed. Advanced Model Targets 360 can recognize a physical object at any angle, complete 360, without a guide view. As shown in the video below, a user just needs to approach an object and recognition and tracking will start instantly. Advanced Model Targets 360 uses Deep Learning and other powerful technologies to train a deep neural network in the Vuforia cloud. This game-changing new feature makes using AR easy and fast. To an end user, it simply just works.

To help make creating Model Targets even easier, our Model Target Generator now has a whole new look. The UX has had a complete overhaul and many of the Model Target APIs have been consolidated for greater efficiency. All Advanced Model Targets will now also make use of the GPU acceleration on supported iOS and Android devices.

Finally, color values in the Illumination Classes now support different platform specific sets of values depending on the Vuforia Fusion provider. A new STATUS_INFO value, INSUFFICENT_LIGHT, has been added to warn the user when there isn’t enough light available in a given scene.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.



Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

May 22, 2019

Licensing Update

Last week we announced that our Classic license will be retiring at the end of the month. In response to discussions we’ve had with members of our community, we’re going to extend the opportunity to purchase the Classic license until June 5th.

After this date, Classic licenses will no longer be available for purchase but will continue to work as per our user agreement. Our new subscription option, the Basic license, will take its place.

The Basic license is an annual subscription. It will be charged at $504 annually and offers free Vuforia Engine updates and all the powerful functionality in the Classic license.

Any Classic license keys that have been purchased prior to the change on June 5th will be honored. To learn more about the changes, please visit our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

Mar 19, 2019

Vuforia Engine 8.1 is Available!

Vuforia Engine is ready for Spring! While this is a minor release, it is bringing augmented reality to an even wider audience. Vuforia Engine 8.1 will deliver the following functionality and enhancements:

  • Model Targets object detection improvements
  • New experimental APIs for ARCore and ARKit
  • Support for Android ARM64
  • Vuforia Engine for iOS now includes Bitcode

Model Targets is one of Vuforia Engine’s most powerful features, and we’re dedicated to continuing its advancement. The 8.1 release offers improvements to support large-scale objects that are low in features while under difficult lighting conditions. These could be objects such as cars at trade-shows and industrial manufacturing equipment.

New APIs have been added that allow developers of native code for Android and iOS to access session and frame pointers for ARCore and ARKit. These APIs are currently experimental and enable developers to combine ARCore and ARKit features that aren’t currently accessible to Vuforia Engine. Examples include detected planes and advanced lighting information.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

Jan 09, 2019

Vuforia Engine 8.0 is Available!

A new year ushers in new opportunity and growth. Vuforia Engine is no exception in 2019 and is proud to offer the community one of its most innovative releases to date, one that will open dynamic possibilities for Augmented Reality. Vuforia Engine 8.0 will deliver the following functionality and enhancements:

  • Model Targets with Deep Learning
  • Recognize multiple objects, from multiple angles, instantly
  • Model Target Generator enhancements
  • VISLAM for markerless AR
  • External Camera for iOS

Model Targets is one of Vuforia Engine’s most powerful features, allowing developers to use objects as targets for their AR applications. From toys to industrial machinery, users can line up a detailed guide view of an object from a single angle to start an AR experience. Based on the success of this technology, the Vuforia engineering team wanted to offer even more versatility for application development.

Vuforia Engine 8.0 now provides the option to train Model Targets through deep learning for instant, automatic object recognition. This intelligence enables developers to use multiple models in a single application scene, switching between each experience seamlessly, and to have those models be recognized from multiple angles. An end user would need to simply start the application, point the device camera at a car, and Vuforia Engine would recognize the vehicle and provide the user with a guide view matching the angle they’re seeing. From automobile service instructions to luxury car marketing details, our new technology offers countless possibilities. To make the deep learning process go smoothly, the Vuforia Model Target Generator will provide an automated default viewing range for preferred recognition angles.

The ability to reach the broadest audience with your application is important, and Vuforia Engine wants to make that even easier. VISLAM (Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) provides more robust markerless AR experiences on devices that don’t offer this technology natively. This upgrade makes development simple by allowing users to create one application logic that works on all platforms.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

The Vuforia Engine Team

Sep 26, 2018

Vuforia Engine 7.5 is Available!

Vuforia Engine offers advanced computer vision and a wide range of functionality to help power some of the most innovative AR applications. As the expectations for AR grows, so does the demand on the technology. We strive to provide our customers and the developer community not only with new ways to create AR experiences, but also to improve on the features we have now. That’s why the Vuforia Engine team is excited to announce our feature focused 7.5 release!

  • Introduction of our new feature: External Camera
  • Support for ARCore 1.4
  • Enhanced tracking for Model Targets
  • Increased ability to detect small targets
  • Support for DragonBoard™ 410c

External Camera provides a new perspective on what’s possible with Augmented Reality. It allows Vuforia Engine to access external video sources beyond the camera equipped in phones and tablets. By using an independent camera, developers can create an AR experience that offers a first-person view from toys, robots or industrial tools. We can’t wait to see what unique and innovative ways the Vuforia Engine community uses this new technology!

Always looking to improve, we made several updates to our current features. Small target detection has now been enhanced, supporting even more use cases, near and far, when recognizing VuMarks and Image Targets. When using Model Targets, lighting, reflections, and other surface conditions can cause problems with recognition. Our Enhanced edge tracking improves the ability to lock on to objects to provide a more accurate, reliable experience. We’ve also updated the Model Target Generator to provide feedback on the target viability, helping streamline the development process.

We pride ourselves on having the largest breadth of device and OS support. In our effort to continue offering the best cross-platform experience through Vuforia Fusion, we’ve added support for ARCore 1.4 devices and iOS 12.

If you’re ready to explore Vuforia Engine 7.5, download and start creating today in leading 3D development platforms like Unity!

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes.

If you’re interested in trying out our new technology that has yet to be released, check out the Vuforia Innovator Program! VIP is designed for professional AR developers looking to get early access to the latest innovations along with direct support from Vuforia Engine experts.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

July 02, 2018

Vuforia News

The range of products that PTC offers under the Vuforia brand is expanding. In addition to Vuforia Engine, the industry leading AR SDK for the last 8 years, we’ve added Vuforia Chalk and Vuforia Studio to the family.

Vuforia Engine continues to power the broadest set of devices with the best AR experiences. In our latest release, Vuforia Engine 7.2, Vuforia Fusion now includes Google’s ARCore. We’ll continue to expand the list of Vuforia Supported Devices.

Take more advantage of Vuforia Fusion through our improved Positional Device Tracker in 7.2 for all Target types. Image Targets will take advantage of ARCore and ARKit if available on the device. Check out our in-depth migration guide!

Also for the first time, developers can put content into their Environment on handheld UWP (Universal Windows Platform) devices using Ground Plane.

Thanks to community feedback, 7.2 has numerous improvements to robustness and stability. Vuforia Engine developers have tighter control over what technology they can leverage within their applications.

We can’t wait to see what you build with ARCore in Vuforia Engine 7.2! Don’t forget to share it and tag #PoweredByVuforia!.

Upcoming Events to meet the Vuforia team:

Unite Los Angeles, October 2018

AWE Europe, October 2018

June 18, 2018

News from LiveWorx

The topic of AR is taking center stage at LiveWorx 18 in keynotes, as well as special sessions in which many customers, partners, developers, and industry analysts are discussing the use cases and benefits derived from the adoption of Vuforia.

To better meet the increasing demand of the rapidly changing augmented reality market, PTC is bringing together all of its AR technologies under the Vuforia brand:

  • Vuforia Engine – develop powerful cross-platform AR applications
  • Vuforia Studio (formerly ThingWorx Studio) – re-use 3D CAD, incorporate step-by-step instructions and IoT data, and scale AR authoring and publishing in industrial enterprises
  • Vuforia View (formerly ThingWorx View) – on this universal browser, consume Vuforia Studio-created content on phones and tablets running iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as digital eyewear like Microsoft HoloLens
  • Vuforia Chalk – enable technicians to get remote assistance from experts

Annotations Come to Life with Commercial Availability of Chalk for Industrial Use Cases

The service use case for augmented reality gets even more powerful with the commercial release of Vuforia Chalk, a powerful remote assistance app that empowers people to solve technical challenges faster by providing frontline technicians the instructions and guidance they need quickly. Chalk combines advanced augmented reality technology with real-time video to connect a field technician with an expert so that the expert can see the situation in the field. Chalk’s advanced computer vision technology uniquely enables users to draw digital annotations that accurately ‘stick’ to physical objects, allowing the expert to guide the technician through a process, step-by-step. Even as a technician moves, a Chalk annotation will stay anchored to its original location.

Commercial availability of Vuforia Chalk for iOS and Android devices begins today, with a free 30-day evaluation available at chalk.vuforia.com.

May 04, 2018

AWE 2018

Location: Santa Clara, California

Date: May 30 - June 1, 2018

Join PTC and Vuforia at AWE 2018 where you will hear inspirational keynotes, attend compelling break-out sessions and learn more about our award-winning technology in booth #202.

Inspire Keynote

Presented by Mike Campbell, EVP Augmented Reality Products
Wednesday, May 30th at 11:50am, Main Stage

Deliver More Content on More Things with Vuforia Model Targets

Presented by Vinny DaSilva, Vuforia Developer Evangelist Develop Track,
Thursday, May 31st at 11:30am

Scaling AR Across the Enterprise

Presented by Marc Schuetz, Sr. Director, Augmented Reality Products Develop Track,
Thursday May 31st, 11:30-noon

Reshaping Retail and Lifestyle Industries with Augmented Reality

Presented by Quach Hai, Senior Director Product Management, PTC Life Track,
Friday, June 1st at 9:20am

AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s largest conference and expo connecting professionals who are passionate about bringing superpowers to the people via technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality(VR), Smart Eyewear and Wearable Computing, as well as gesture, sensor, and tracking devices. Now in its 9th year, AWE is again assembling the top innovators — from the hottest startups to Fortune 500 companies — to showcase the best AR and VR experiences in all aspects of life and work; including arts and entertainment, social interaction and brand engagement, enterprise and industry, architecture and design, education and training, healthcare, government and commerce.

March 27, 2018

Vuforia Updates

Vuforia 7.1 drops today and it includes a number of quality of life improvements based on community feedback. We have streamlined how Vuforia loads in Unity – Vuforia will only automatically initialize on scenes with Vuforia components. We have also introduced automatic database loading and activation, Ground Plane stages can now either be cloned or deployed once and Unity developers should expect to see more frequent updates to the Vuforia Engine independent of Unity Releases. These are just a few of the changes we are including in Vuforia 7.1 – be sure to check out the release notes for the full list.

Since the release of Vuforia 7 in December of last year, Vuforia has been committed to calibrating more and more devices in an effort to reach the broadest range possible. In Vuforia 7.2, we will be expanding that list to include Universal Windows Platform devices such as the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. We will also be adding Vuforia Fusion support for ARCore. That means features like Ground Plane will benefit from improved tracking performance on ARCore supported devices. Furthermore, we will be expanding the use of Vuforia Fusion to improve extended tracking capabilities across other Vuforia features. Finally, we will be adding native support for HoloLens.

Later this year we’ll release an update to Model Targets that includes advanced recognition capabilities so that you can put digital content on multiple objects at once. This technology is available to VIP subscribers now via an Early Access Program. You can join the VIP program here.

The entire team at Vuforia is extremely excited for all the technology we’re building this year and we cannot wait to see the amazing games, toys and applications that our community builds on top of Vuforia 7.1 and beyond!

Thank you!

The Vuforia Team

December 19, 2017

Vuforia 7 is Available!

Vuforia 7 is our biggest, and most powerful release ever. It includes brand new capabilities for putting your content in the world, and ensures that your apps deliver the best possible AR experience on a wide range of devices. Check out these features:

Vuforia Model Targets recognize objects by shape, in contrast to existing methods that rely on detailed visual designs typically found on print media, product packaging and many consumer goods. Model Targets are perfect for attaching digital content to industrial equipment, automobiles or home appliances.

Vuforia Ground Plane enables digital content to be placed on the ground, floor, or tabletop, providing an ideal solution for you to build visualization apps, ranging from in-home furniture shopping to AR design reviews. Ground Plane will support a wide range of devices starting with ARKit enabled iOS devices – and extending to the broadest range of popular Android and iOS devices.

Vuforia Fusion, is a new capability designed to solve the problem of fragmentation in AR enabling technologies such as cameras, sensors, chipsets, and software frameworks like ARKit. With Vuforia Fusion, your application will automatically provide the best experience possible with no extra work required on your end.

November 09, 2017

Get started with Vuzix M300

The Vuzix M300 is a personal display and wearable computing device that enables users to improve existing workflows and opens new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain and remote help desk uses.

Start developing today with the Unity 2017.3 beta or the public early access release of the Vuforia Engine SDK for Android.