June 7, 2016

Vuforia Expands with Vuforia Studio Enterprise!

Dear Vuforia Community,

It's already been a busy year for our team, and definitely an exciting one!

We've made tremendous progress on our mission to democratize AR. With new capabilities like VuMark and support for Universal Windows Platform, we have addressed some of the biggest challenges in AR. With VuMark, we have provided a simple and scalable way to add AR experiences to any object or product. And with UWP, we've added support for Microsoft Surface and HoloLens – some of the most innovative devices available.

While we've made great strides, there are still major challenges to be addressed.

  • Creation of new 3D content remains complicated, labor-intensive, and is cost prohibitive for many AR deployments at scale. Yet there are existing repositories of 3D content created with CAD tools. We need to unlock them.
  • We need to make development simpler. Vuforia is a great solution for people who write code. But what about people who don't? What about those who create technical drawings and instructional content? They could build AR experiences if they had the right tools. We need to enable them.

Today at LiveWorx, we announced a new addition to the Vuforia platform to meet these challenges. It's called Vuforia Studio Enterprise. It was born from the Vuforia platform you know, and from PTC's industry-leading 3D pedigree that you'll see more of. And it's pretty amazing.

  • Vuforia Studio Enterprise will enable a content creator to quickly build an AR experience from existing 3D content – whether created with PTC or 3rd-party tools. And with just a few clicks, it can be published to the cloud. Once published, the new Vuforia View app can scan a "ThingMark" to present the user with relevant experiences to download and launch. Powerful. Simple. Scalable.
  • Additionally, Vuforia Studio Enterprise will enable IOT solution builders to create virtual dashboards for connected products. Because it's integrated with PTC's ThingWorx IOT platform, you can easily create virtual gauges and attach them to sensors that will deliver real-time data. And of course you can publish these too, and launch them from Vuforia View.

    Learn More about the Pilot Program

In addition to bringing a new part of the platform, Vuforia Studio brings a new addition to the Vuforia team. We're thrilled to have some of the best and brightest from PTC's CAD group bring their world-class 3D expertise to the platform! They have been working extremely hard on Vuforia Studio for over a year as a project known as "ThingX".

The ThingX team designed Vuforia Studio with an enterprise focus, and it might feel a little different if you're a Vuforia developer. It will be initially available in a paid Pilot Program through PTC's traditional sales and support channels, and everyone is invited to participate. Meanwhile we'll be hard at work on a release that will be freely available to all for development use, just like the rest of the platform. We remain committed to the Vuforia platform you know and love - whether you're using it for consumer or enterprise-facing applications.

Thank you for your continued use and support of Vuforia. Our success is driven by yours, and we are humbled and amazed by what you continue to accomplish!

Best Regards,
Jay Wright
President & GM, Vuforia

June 1, 2016

State of the Union

Today at Augmented World Expo, Vuforia President & GM Jay Wright gave what has become an annual update on the state of the AR market. Jay reported that the AR ecosystem grew a remarkable 38% in 2015, as measured by Vuforia developer registrations. Drilling down further, he revealed that while the growth rate of AR apps published to major app stores had slowed to 7%, the big story is in enterprise where growth in new projects reached an astounding 86%.

Jay went on to recap major additions to the Vuforia platform in the past year, and how they can be used to take advantage of the new enterprise opportunity. He covered the use of mixed reality (AR and VR experiences combined) to visualize products, the use of VuMark to deliver unique experiences on any object, as well as new support for Windows 10 devices including Surface Pro 4 and HoloLens. All of these features will be available soon in Vuforia 6, and you can apply for the early access program here.

Jay wrapped up with a teaser for Project ThingX, which was first introduced at PTC’s ThingEvent in January. Project ThingX comprises a codeless authoring and publishing solution for AR experiences that leverages existing 3D assets. He promised a follow up announcement next week at LiveWorx, so register to attend in Boston or sign up for the livestream!

March 31, 2016

Vuforia is coming to HoloLens this Spring

Vuforia introduces an important new capability to HoloLens – the power to connect experiences to specific things in the environment.

This was demonstrated live this morning at Build in a keynote by Steven Guggenheimer, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist. The demo was triggered off of a sales brochure and showcased a 3D visualization of a Caterpillar® Multi-Terrain Loader. First, a Surface tablet was used to produce a small-scale visualization on the brochure. Next, HoloLens was used to transport the loader to the stage where it could be observed and configured at actual size.
Watch the demo and read the press release.

With Vuforia, you’ll be able to build a Universal Windows Platform app that will work on Windows 10 devices – start development on a Surface Pro tablet and then bring your app to HoloLens. 

Apply for Early Access to Windows 10

March 9, 2016

Vuforia 5.5 – Available Now

Check out what’s new.


Support for Metal is here! Now your iOS apps can take advantage of the improved performance provided by Metal, Apple's low-level graphics and compute API.
Learn more.

Mixed Reality

The new device tracker makes it simple to add a full screen VR experience to your existing AR app. Whether you are using a viewer or doing handheld VR, use it to create apps that track your rotation without the need for a target. Learn more.

In Unity, you can now use the Mixed Reality Controller to easily move between AR and VR experiences on devices and viewers.  Learn more.

Improved Calibration

Get better calibration results with the improved Vuforia Calibration Assistant on see-through digital eyewear devices such as the ODG R7 and Epson BT-200. Learn more.

New Unity Sample Apps

The Unity sample apps have been updated to use the latest UI programming standards and best practices. That means less code and that it’s easier than ever to get started with Vuforia.

The new SDK is available now - download today!

Download SDK

NOTE: Pricing plans remain unchanged for Vuforia 5.5. However, the watermark behavior for the Starter Plan has been changed. The watermark will now appear persistently in the Starter Plan and can be removed by purchasing a license. See the full range of licensing options to suit your needs.

January 28, 2016

Vuforia for Enterprise

Today at ThingEvent, we announced two new Vuforia features for the enterprise.

Windows 10

With support for Windows 10, you’ll be able to target a new generation of Windows 10 devices, including Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. You can continue to use Unity to build a single cross-platform app that will run on iOS, Android and now Windows 10 devices, or add Vuforia to an existing app with Microsoft Visual Studio.

VuMark™ – The next generation bar code

AR apps must deliver unique experiences on a wide range of things, such as machinery and manufactured products. The VuMark provides a universal solution that can deliver a unique AR experience on any object, while allowing the design freedom for a custom look and feel.  The VuMark also provides a simple method for encoding data such as a URL or a product serial number, and overcomes the limitations of existing bar code solutions that do not support AR experiences and can detract from a product’s appearance.

Support for Windows 10 and the VuMark will be publicly available this Spring.

Apply for Early Access today

December 22nd, 2015

See THINGS in a whole new way

Register to attend ThingEvent, a worldwide virtual event where PTC will share its
vision for Vuforia in the enterprise and unveil upcoming Vuforia features. Join the
livestream on January 28 to see THINGS in a whole new way.

November 3rd, 2015

Full Speed Ahead

Today marks a major milestone for the Vuforia team as we move to our new home at PTC Inc.  PTC has an amazing vision for connecting the digital and physical worlds, and we couldn't be happier to join them! Check out the press release to learn more.

With your support, Vuforia has become the industry leading AR platform - with 10s of thousands of apps, and 100s of millions of app installs. Wow!

Well, we are just getting started. And we are more excited than ever as we increase our focus on changing the way people work. In addition to the way they play, shop and learn.

We have big plans for the future and you are part of them. We need your creativity, intelligence and innovation to realize the potential of AR together.

Full speed ahead.

July 29, 2015

Try it On: Vuforia 5

Ready to take your apps to eyewear? Now you can! Vuforia 5 introduces support for mixed reality and all-new digital eyewear. Now you can combine AR and VR to develop even more immersive experiences and build apps for exciting new digital eyewear devices.

What's new:

Mixed Reality

For those of you eager to work with AR and VR, we've made it easy to use Vuforia with the Google Cardboard and Oculus Mobile (Gear VR) platforms to build mixed reality apps. You can use AR to attach a virtual experience to a product, or invite users to explore the outside of a product in AR and then get an inside look in VR. Vuforia also gives you a way to unlock additional VR content by scanning a target.

Natural Interactions with Virtual Buttons

User interaction for head worn digital eyewear isn't always intuitive so we wanted to give you a way to control the AR experience with your hands. With Vuforia, you can create virtual buttons that provide navigation and enable interaction with objects such as products and print media.

Hands-Free Apps for Enterprise

Enterprises need instructional apps that allow workers to remain hands-free while viewing digital content aligned to the real world. Vuforia lets you overlay 2D and 3D content while providing precise alignment so you can create valuable apps for assembly, inspection, repair, or training. Vuforia currently supports the Epson Moverio BT-200 and the ODG R-6. We're also proud to deliver optimized performance on devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors like the ODG-R7 (available for pre-order).

The new SDK is available now – download today!

Download SDK