Core Features

These samples show how to build apps for handheld devices using the core features of Vuforia. The Unity Core Features sample is available in the Unity Asset Store and demonstrates the following features:

  • Model TargetsDemonstrates tracking of targets created from CAD or 3D models.
  • Area TargetsDemonstrates tracking of targets created from 3D scans of environments.
  • Ground PlaneDemonstrates markerless experience and positioning of 3D content in the world.
  • Image TargetsDemonstrates the use of planar image targets.
  • VuMarkDemonstrates VuMarks encoding information within a custom design.
  • Cylinder TargetsDemonstrates cylindrical objects usage, along with the occlusion effect on a soda can shaped object.
  • Multi TargetsDemonstrates use of targets formed by several planar targets, in this case forming a box.
  • Instant Image TargetsDemonstrates the runtime creation of targets. A user can attach content without being required to have a previously created target.
  • Cloud RecognitionDemonstrates use of the cloud to recognize targets from a Vuforia Engine TMS cloud database.
  • Virtual ButtonsDemonstrates how to interact with an image target so it reacts when occluding a portion of the image target.

For native development, a simpler sample is available for handheld devices running iOS, Android, and UWP platforms to demonstrate the following features

  • Model TargetsDemonstrates tracking of targets created from CAD or 3D models.
  • Image TargetsDemonstrates the use of planar image targets.

Printable target samples

    • Download for Android (6.83 MB) MD5: 6a43665c2298b8bac065f6a16ee30ba4
    • Download for iOS (6.84 MB) MD5: 6ee712ed265541500dd0752d8a02f6a9
    • Download for UWP (7.11 MB) MD5: 2cea5e6d1af84eff0bf9862161b8f5a1

Release Notes

Digital Eyewear

These samples demonstrate how to build apps for the different classes of digital eyewear devices.

The Unity samples for HoloLens and Magic Leap 1 show how to attach an AR experience to an Images, Model Targets and VuMarks.

The Vuzix M400 and RealWear HMT-1 is supported similar to any Android device with the samples in the Core Features section.

Printable target samples

External Camera

Driver Samples show an example implementation of the External Camera capability.

    • Download Driver Template (515.23 KB) MD5: 74e14f501bc4d31b5bd2c3f4111355a1
    • Download File Driver (8.82 MB) MD5: 3e995d6f440eaf80a3d06bc536c2e1ef
    • Download UVC Driver (Android only) (22.53 KB) MD5: 55216f3ecca3883bbe94868cb439b8ed

Vuforia Web Services

These samples demonstrate How To use the Vuforia Web Services API. The Java and PHP samples show how to manage cloud targets from your own content management system. The Python samples show how to automate the generation of VuMarks and implement the Cloud Recognition Web API.

    • Download for Java (12.18 KB)
    • Download for PHP (10.38 KB)
    • Download for Python (3.76 KB)