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Alpha video playback only halfway successful (bug?)

January 27, 2019 - 6:19pm #1

Hi everyone,

I created some image targets with a video playback. The “normal” videos are running perfect on android, but the ones with transparency running only halfway (picture below). The audio output is okay and the video plays without any other lags. So are these “lines” a bug? IAll of them work fine on the windows platform but I need the android version of the project. I can't solve the problem on my own... I've tried to change the shader, but it does not work.


Here some information:

My alpha videos (.webm, vp8) are set with "keep alpha", "override for android" and "transcode with the codec vp8".

The cube with the "VideoPlayer"-component got a material with the shader "unlit/ transparent".

The image target material got the shader "unlit/ texture" as usual?


created in Unity 2018.10.f10 and Vuforia 7.5.20, tested with huawei tablet/ android 8


Feel free to ask if you need more information. I'm a newbie and english isn't my first language.



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Alpha video playback only halfway successful (bug?)

January 30, 2019 - 6:39pm #2

Hi guys,

solved the problem. I don`t know why, but the tablet doesn`t support my animations with rgb + alpha channel (.webm with vp8 codec) completely (the device is able to support both actually). I want to share my solution with you:

I added a greenscreen behind my animations (or another color, that isn`t used in the animation) in after effects and created a mp4-video (h264-codec) as usual. I found a perfect chromakey-shader http://jon-martin.com/?p=570 and deleted the greenscreen in Unity. My Animations got a transparent backround and running perfect on android. Only the semi-transparent parts are not that "clean". But it worked! :)

So have a nice day.


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