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Android, Unity, 3D and Domino

May 29, 2014 - 11:10am #1



I am unsure where to post the questions I have related to above topic. But since I am using Android I thought I will use this forum. Correct me if I am wrong and please guide me.

A] Dominoes Sample

I am trying to run Domino sample but I am unable to compile it. I refered to forum post and document compiling and running Vuforia sample applications. But some how I am not getting it right. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit.

 a. I have NDK under ADT directory. Under Window->Preferences->NDK, I have set NDK location as c:\C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\android-ndk-r9d

b. From Dominoes project folder (c:\vuforia\dominoes) I run command build-ndk and it aborts with message as attached.

I am unsure how do I compile the project. Please guide.

B] Unity, 3D and Android

Based on Dominoes sample I am planning to build my application. I was referring to discussion thread referring to https://developer.vuforia.com/forum/faq/unity-how-can-i-extend-unitys-android-activity. But I am unable to access this thread it always takes to me to the My Account page with message "You haven't signed up for the cloud recognition service." How do I sign up for this service?

Once device start running application on the actual target then how do I disconnect it from the ADT?

I will appreciate your answer. I know many of the questions are related to thrid party tools but it will help me understand from system development perspective.

Thanks in advance.


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Android, Unity, 3D and Domino

June 3, 2014 - 1:06pm #2

When you build the Dominoes native sample code in the "Dominoes\jni" folder, it is expecting that the Dominoes folder is located in the "samples" folder of the Vuforia SDK. It appears that you've removed the "samples" folder or moved your Dominoes project outside the expected relative path.

Error: Android NDK: Check that jni/../../../build/lib/armeabi-v7a/libVuforia.so exists

So your Dominoes path is expected to be:

[Vuforia SDK]/samples/Dominoes/

And your libVuforia.so is expected to be in:

[Vuforia SDK]/build/lib/armeabi-v7a/

As for the FAQ article, the content appears to now be written up in a Dev-Guide article:


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