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Android View with ARVR sample as stereo

September 6, 2018 - 5:58am #1

Hello. everyone. First, Sorry for my english skill...


I'm newbie in OpenGL and 3D modeling...


I want to display some android view on top with ARVR sample as stereo.


first, I thought I could change the Android view to a bitmap, and then painted the bitmap in the camera view and used it in the background.


but, in ARVR sample, video background used as Mesh, and I couldn't handle any JNI and video mesh like under the code


< Mesh vbMesh = renderingPrimitives.getVideoBackgroundMesh(viewId); >


seconds, I try to draw bitmap on rederARWorld code. However, the bitmap was full in the right area.


How can I draw android view? or Should I use unity?


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