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AR camera video stream

January 18, 2018 - 1:17am #1

We are facing few issues in building android application using Vuforia 7 and unity 3D 2017.3. These issues may exists to other vuforia users as well. We could not find any help in Vuforia community or forums.

1. We are trying to make a live stream of Vuforia AR Camera texture to another user (client). We are unable to send camera texture over photon network and if possible, can we set the resolution of the camera textures manually. We get "object reference not set to an instance of an object" in EncodeToJPG().

2. We are trying to draw free hand drawings over the AR camera (dynamic image targets). We are getting  jitteriness of the augmented objects (free hand Drawings). Is there any possible way to control the ‘Start Scan’ ‘Stop Scan’ manually over a script or any APIs available to use?

3. Finally we are facing heating of mobile phones and significant battery drain by the apps. Can you suggest us optimizing tips and tricks to this problem.

4. We have issues in the building the app for windows PC. When we run the EXE file, we get a black screen instead of AR Camera.



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