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be able to interact with UI

July 30, 2012 - 6:11am #1


while having added a SlidingDrawer (which works), i can't make the function findViewById... All buttons of the SlidingDrawer return 'null'

I found this : https://ar.qualcomm.at/content/has-anybody-managed-overlay-android-interface-objects

but i dont really think this is my problem, because it seems that it modifies onResume (and i don't see the connection). I just want to add a permanent button (in the SlidingDrawer) and do something when the user pressed on it (i made a 'classic' mButtonSlider.setOnClickListener(mlistenerButtonSlider) ) but apparently my button is 'null' .

here is the code :

mButtonSlider = (Button) findViewById(R.id.buttonSlider);
b1.setOnClickListener(mlistenerButtonSlider); // code of the listener follows

PS : i putted the above code after ' updateApplicationStatus(APPSTATUS_INIT_APP); ' from onCreate method...

Thanks for your help ;)

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