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Best device for tracking in Android?

August 18, 2011 - 8:26am #1

I'm working on an application using the QCAR Unity Extension and I've seen that using different devices makes the tracking more or less robust depending on the device. It seems to be the quality of the camera what is affecting this performance.

I thought we can share what are the devices we are using for comparing purposes, after all, we can't buy them all for testing each one of them.

I'm using a:
- Galaxy Tab (7 inch)
- Asus Transformer
- HTC Sensation
- iPad 2

The same application (using FrameMarkers) running the same settings across each of these devices showed better tracking performance using the Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2 against the others.

Even if the camera resolution from the Sensation and the Transformer was higher, the quality of the image (pixelation and contrast level) was not that good and I guess this affected the tracking. I'm planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 so the application runs smoother (The old Galaxy Tab runs the app slowly) and I hope to get the same or better camera quality than its smaller brother.

What device are you using and how is the performance compared to others?

EDIT: I'm running the app with the Mode_Optimize_Quality option

Re: Best device for tracking in Android?

October 30, 2011 - 11:39pm #3

I have used the Frame markers application on the Sony Xperia Play and HTC Legend. The application runs quite fast on the Xperia play, whereas on HTC Legend I need to make sure that the lighting on the markers is quite good enough for the camera to detect. Its not just the Camera that plays a role in detection of the markers, you also need to make sure that proper lighting is focused on the markers.
The same markers which give you good results when you use them on your PC may not give you expected results when you take a printout of them. So make sure that you have a good resolution camera and proper lighting focused on your markers.


Re: Best device for tracking in Android?

October 15, 2011 - 7:58pm #2

I was using a Samsung Google Nexus S, and are using an Ipad2 now. The Nexus S is ok, but there are better phones out there. It's camera feed lags quite a bit and the 3d content rendering could be faster as well.

The iPad2 is better in that regard. The camera feed on the screen is much more snappy.

I think in general you need hardware which has a fast processor and a multi core would be better. A decent GPU and a good quality camera are important too.

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