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Blank screen when using custom databse in Model-Targets sample app

May 9, 2018 - 2:13pm #1

I've successfully gotten the Model-Targets app to run, but when I import the .xml and .dat files from any device databases that I create through the portal, the sample app shows a black background behind the "Reset" button. There is no helpful messaging in the logs.

I am evaluating Vuforia for a client and really need to get past this initial step and this is time sensitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Scan any object with the scanner
  2. Test the scan in the scanner app to verify it scanned correctly
  3. Share the .od file to Google Drive
  4. Download the .od file from Google Drive to my local machine
  5. Create a new device database
  6. "Add a Target" to the database by selecting the downloaded .od file
  7. Wait until status shows "active" on the target
  8. Download the database for Android (in .zip format)
  9. Unzip the database 
  10. Copy .xml and .dat files into the asset folder in the sample app
  11. Change the path in the mDataset.load(...) call to the name of my new .xml file which is in /assets along side VuforiaMars_ModelTarget.xml
  12. Run the app



  • Scanner 1.0
  • Vuforia 7.1.34
  • Scanner and sample app are running on a Pixel 2 w/ Android 8.1.0


Attached is one of the 3 databases I have tried.


Package icon Red_Bull_Orig.zip1.13 MB

Blank screen when using custom databse in Model-Targets sample app

May 10, 2018 - 1:57pm #2

Hello kmerrell42,

The scanner app and .od file you are using generate a target for the Object Target feature. This dataset will not work for the Model Target sample project you are loading it into. The Object Target sample is a part of the Core Samples, which can be downloaded from our dev portal's download page. Your scanned object should work within this sample project.

If you are wanting to use the Model Target feature, please download the Model Target Generator from the Tools page of the same download page. This tool will generate a Model Target dataset that will function in the app you are testing.

I'm thinking the issue you are seeing is due to this mismatch in dataset and feature.

Please let me know if anything I explained above is unclear.


Vuforia Support

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