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Confusion with the screen coordinates

August 10, 2017 - 12:53pm #1


I am changing the User Defined Targets sample to a masters degree project. I followed this post


to get the coordinates of certain points on the screen in order to get the value of the pixels of those points. I am accessing pixel values ​​through the camera image as described in this post


However, the screen coordinates appear to be in the dimension determined by the mScreenWith and mScreenHeight variables that for my phone are assuming 1080x1920 values ​​while the camera image resolution is 1280x720. Is there any way to get the coordinates of the screen within the dimensions of the frame? Or get a frame in the resolution of the screen by another method?

I question this because performing down/up sampling is not something I want in my project.

Thanks in advance.

- Hemerson

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