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desactivate current Dataset and activate another one at runtime

January 20, 2017 - 5:06am #1

Hi !


i'm facing with a problem using Vuforia on Android (Java).

Using the object recognition I've  the aim to load all my bases on dataset List (that ok for this), activate one and wait for a time.


Once the timemout fired, i want to desactivate the current dataset, unload trackers data, and activate another dataset on object tracker (which is already loaded, so).


But i'm facing a problem during the change, following this :

public void switchDataset() {


        if(mDatasetIndex == mDatasets.size()){

            mDatasetIndex = 0;



        TrackerManager tManager = TrackerManager.getInstance();

        ObjectTracker objectTracker = (ObjectTracker) tManager


        if (objectTracker == null) {

            Log.e(LOGCAT, "OBJECT TRACKER IS NULL");

        } else {



            mCurrentDataset = mDatasets.get(1);







I tried with 3 dataset, the first one (so first load) is OK.

The second one too, i can recognize and object from the second dataset.

But when I trying on the 3°, the camera freezes and the app is blocked.


Anyone has an idea ? 


Thanks in advance !

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