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Emulator stops while loading Vuforia Scene

July 29, 2020 - 2:46am #1

I have created an iOS app in Unity 2019.4.3 which I am now trying to run on Android. Initially built on a mac, I have now migrated the project to a windows PC. I have switched the platform to Android and everything works just fine in the editor but not on my Android Emulator.

It appears to be Vuforia (9.2.8) that is messing things up as when I turn off all  the Vuforia scripts in the scene the app works just fine. 

I have a home page with a few buttons that link to different scenes and load the scenes asynchronously while showing a splash screen. With the Vuforia scripts off, it loads the scene just fine and all controls work. When I turn the scripts on however, the splash screen shows and then it goes no further (I have disable the splash screen but the app just hangs on the homepage)

Any advice would be appreciated and if you need any extra information let me know.

Things I've tried

  • Build out the scene separately
  • Adding AR Core from the package manager and removing from the package manager (Not sure if its needed)
  • Created a new emulator 
  • Installed the ARCore sdk for the emulator - https://github.com/google-ar/arcore-android-sdk/releases 
  • Switched what camera type the Emulator uses webcam, simulated etc.




Emulator stops while loading Vuforia Scene

July 29, 2020 - 4:44am #2


Unfortunately we do not support any emulator.

Thank you for your understanding.

Vuforia Engine Support

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