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Freeze after changing camera

March 7, 2018 - 4:51pm #1

I'm trying to develop app with using Vuforia SDK for Android phone.

When I used sample of ImageTargets, after changing camera from front to rear, library has not made call back to app.

It's seems to dedicate bug of SHARP Android phone.



1. Android Studio ver.2.1

2. Vuforia SDK&Sample ver. 7.0.43 or later

3. Phone: SHARP 503SH

4. Android ver. 5.1.1


<Reproduce step>

1. Executed app with using Vuforia sample on 503SH

2. Select ImageTarget in sample

3. Camera is called from sample and executed

4. Swipe to open sub menu

5. Select "Front" at "camera" menu

6. Confirmed for working camera at front side properly

7. Swipe to open sub menu

8. Select "Rear" at "camera" menu

9. It's freezing.


<Stop at>

When I dug into the ImageTarget.java, the library has stopped in following.

At line 772



Then dug into above,

At line 663



app stop at above function caused by no call back from Vuforia library.

If anybody has similar case and workaround, please help me.



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