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Gear VR Screen Size Too Small

May 17, 2016 - 5:51am #1


I have been trying out AR VR sample with Gear VR. It seems like each camera has native device resolution instead of filling the per-eye area, thus it shows empty space around the camera view. I have seen a similar problem with Cardboard and a solution for that but couldn't find a solution for Gear VR.

You can see the exact problem with screenshot and a solution for Cardboard in the topic:

Any ideas how can I fill the area for each eye with camera stream without giving Vuforia headache tracking?


Thanks so much!


Gear VR Screen Size Too Small

May 17, 2016 - 10:27am #2

The camera video background will only fill a portion of the available screen, according to the ratio between the total field of view amplitude (which is basically what you see in VR mode) and the FoV of the device camera (typically smaller than the total FoV that Cardboard or GearVR expect);  

if the camera of your device, for example, has a 60 degrees FoV, while the Cardboard or GearVR total FoV covers say 80 degrees. then the portion of the screen that is covered by the camera video background image will be a sub-region of the full available screen space, and the surrounding areas will be filled in black.

So, in order to have a correct AR experience and avoid unnatural FoV magnifications, you'll want to keep the viewport appearance as it is.

This topic is also discussed in other threads, for example, here:




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