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Getting Supported Preview Sizes

November 26, 2018 - 12:44pm #1

I am currently recording the output of vuforia content to the openGL. Everything is fine, except for some phones, I am having issues with video size, as some devices don't support some video sizes. In an example i used to create video codec, they check device camera's supported video sizes creating the recording codec as such:

mCamera = Camera.open(CAMERA_ID);

final Camera.Parameters params = mCamera.getParameters();


However, vuforia hides the Camera api and does not expose that function params.getSupportedPreviewSizes(). How do I get this information from the vuforia's own CameraDevice?



Getting Supported Preview Sizes

November 27, 2018 - 1:02pm #2


Vuforia Engine maps a limited number camera resolutions to performance modes:


The camera resolution set by a performance mode can be retrieved here:


Note that different devices will have different performance modes.


Vuforia Engine Support

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