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How to change number of targets dynamically and there related codes in Videoplayback.

February 13, 2019 - 3:42am #1

Hello ,

I want to change  NUM_TARGETS dynamically and there coding like

mMovieName[STONES] = "VideoPlayback/VuforiaSizzleReel_1.m4v";

        mMovieName[CHIPS] = "VideoPlayback/VuforiaSizzleReel_2.m4v";

        mMovieName[MY_TARGET] = "VideoPlayback/VuforiaSizzleReel_2.m4v"

May be it will be one only or it will increase to 10 or 20 files . All dynamically handle.

So how we change file according to number of targets in data set.

What change I have to do in VideoPlaybackRenderer.java file ?


Please suggest as I have to do all the things dynamically.

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