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How to run sample code

January 24, 2018 - 12:54am #1

I am using Android Studio 3.0.0 on win8 machine. I am using vuforia-samples-core-android-7-0-43.

I have performed the following steps :

- I imported vuforia sample in Android Studio.

- Generated license key

- Pass the license key in the following function :

   Vuforia.setInitParameters(mActivity, mVuforiaFlags, "myLicenseKey");

- Build the apk

- Installed the apk on Nexus 10(Android version 5.1.1)

- Run the application

- Select "Image Targets" on "Veforia Samples" screen

- Click on "Start" button.

- A black screen is displayed for a fraction of second and "Vuforia Samples" screen displayed again.

When I try to debug the application, on click of "Start" button the application is closed. Last call reached to the mentioned function.

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