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i want to try make a game, any suggestion will be helpful

November 7, 2012 - 7:27pm #1


 hello guys,

i still am a new program designer in this SDK.

i had tried the Dominos example, and i have some interesting idea like to try.

i would like to place some  dominos on the game area,

then give user limited  dominos to continue place on game area,

finally, push it, and get all down.

i want to try to make 10 level at the game,

but first, i have to try to place some dominos on game area first..

can u give me any suggestion?

the game will not be sold or any Profit-seeking, all is free and will be public

if i can finished it , i will try to mail it to vuforia team 

i hope it can put in "Samples" in next vuforia sdk folder :P


































i want to try make a game, any suggestion will be helpful

November 7, 2012 - 11:53pm #2

Hi, it is a nice game idea,  and if you complete your project, you can of course contact the Vuforia team to share your project if you think it is particularly interesting.

To get you started, I would recommend that you start exploring and understanding in detail the source code of the Dominoes sample, as I am sure you can find there already a lot of useful code to get you started with your application (probably you can reuse a big part of the existing code, and maybe build your game on top of that).

Also, if you are new to Vuforia, I recommend that you read the Dev Guide and the API reference on the Vuforia web portal, and also that you first take a look at the code in ImageTargets sample, as this is much simpler than the code in Dominoes, and it will really help you to understand how Vuforia works and how a Vuforia-based application is typically built.

Other than that, if you have questions on specific issues at some point, you can share them here, we will try to answer those.





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