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Integrate a 3D animation on an native android app

January 13, 2013 - 3:56pm #1


Hi. I want to know how can I develop a native android app with a 3D animation. Hope you guys can help me.

Hi albertwessling, this is a

January 14, 2013 - 12:28am #2

Hi albertwessling,

this is a fairly broad question.

I would say that, since Vuforia allows you to render in native OpenGL ES, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility to perform 3D animations;

however since OpenGL is a very low-level API (and does not provide high-level functionalities like "3D animations" out-of-the-box), you will need to build your own 3D animation engine, which can be either fairly simple or rather very complex depending on what kind of animations you want to achieve (e.g. simple rotations/translations or rather skeletal/skinning animations, etc.)

The mot important aspect of it is that you need to master OpenGL quite well;

alternative, you may want to look for existing opensource 3D engines for Android (which could be integrated with Vuforia); for sure there exist many engines that provide high-level APIs including support for animations.

One of our Forum users also reported a positive (in progress) experience using Adobe AIR with the Away3D engine (using AIR Android native extensions);

if you are interested, the thread is here:



I hope this helps.

If anyone else out there has some good experience with some engines and wants to share, he is WELCOME!


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