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Need help to change image texture position or display view on image target

October 23, 2014 - 1:34am #1

Actually I am new on Vuforia SDK and open GL programming.

I need help to change the coordinate/scale ratio, width, heght of image texture.
I follow this guide to enable the texture on image target.

The texture is coming over the target images. But i want change the texture width/height, coordinates.
My target image is:

Now I want to display a TextView on the image target like this.


I am now doing this by displaying a texture which is same as target image with some modification.
but I want to do this from android side.
when target images found, then a TextView will appear on a relative point of that target image.
and also disappear when camera move from that target image.
If another target image found, then another TextView will appear. This will do dynamically.

I also follow this:
but when I getting the top-left corner and top-right coordinates (v1,v2), how to appear/disappear android layouts on that position?

If any one have done this, please help me.

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