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not appel to build the ndk-build

September 29, 2012 - 12:37am #1

I been trying for while to to build NDK by cygwin however is always giving me this message and i don't know what am i messing



$ ndk-build
dirname: extra operand `Files/Android/android-ndk-r8b-windows/android-ndk-r8b/ndk-build'
Try `dirname --help' for more information.
ERROR: You are using a non-Cygwin compatible Make program.
Currently using: C:/cygwin/bin/make

To solve the issue, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that the Cygwin 'make' package is installed.
   NOTE: You will need GNU Make 3.81 or later!

2. Define the GNUMAKE environment variable to point to it, as in:

     export GNUMAKE=/usr/bin/make

3. Call 'ndk-build' again.

I'm sure from the packege is the same as the one given in the guid 3.82-2 , however my NDK is version 8b as i can't get link for r7 .

so guys dose any one know what is the problem ? thanks alot

not appel to build the ndk-build

October 9, 2012 - 1:00am #2

Hey Akkilah,

I recently installed cygwin and NDK  "8b" (same version as yours) and everything works fine; have you installed 'make' from Cygwin as indicated in the installation instructions a https://ar.qualcomm.at/sdk ?

Maybe have a look there just to double check; if you can't really sort it out, it might be worth to just reinstall "cygwin + make" (following instructions in the link above) and then NDK 8b and then try again.

Hope this helps.


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