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The object as a mask are rendered black When using Depthmask

June 13, 2020 - 3:23pm #1

I used Vuforia Engine's "Custom/DepthMask" shader to occlud something. It works well during the test on the computer. However, when I using Android smartphone, The model  using DepthMask szhader are rendered black.  And if I turn the phone, the black one will disapear...at certain angle.

I have saw the library:

On some Android devices (e.g. PixelXL), objects occluded by Vuforia Engine's "Custom/DepthMask" shader (used e.g. for Area Target occlusion) are rendered black. To work around this issue, set the occluded objects' materials to Rendering Mode "Transparent".

However, my objects occluded by DepthMask shader have no problem. The object as a mask turns black.

what should I do?

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