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OD file pose values

February 25, 2017 - 5:00pm #1

I am not sure if .od files created by Vuforia Object Scanner should be used in any other way than by Vuforia SDK but anyway I am gonna ask my question.

For my final project at Uni I am focusing on reconstruction of three dimensional models from 2d photos, I thought I could use .od file as my input data since this is a lot of keyframes with something what looks like positions for each of them. Each keyframe has pose array with 6 values in map.JSON file, first three are clearly position of the Object Scanning Target centre from the camera. I thought the other three should represent Eulers angles in camera coordinate system and for some keyframes it really looks like it, for system when 0, 0, 0 angle is when all object scanning target axis are the same as all camera axis. However there are cases like the one attached, when values look like: 2.195506, 2.225484, -0.127120. This does not look like Eulers angles anymore or I don't understand Vuforia coordinate system. Can someone explain me what represent this three values?

Once again, i know this is not typical question about Vuforia usage, but since my project does focus on reconstruction algorithms, i don't want to spend time for writting vuforia app which collects this kind of data for me. I don't know if this is correct forum to place this kind of question.



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