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Passing data from android app to Vuforia

May 8, 2020 - 5:39pm #1


I am developing an app on android through Android Studio and my use case would be to open an AR object when pressing a button. I have developed a Vuforia experience, where I have the 3D object placed, and I have some resources uploaded. My question would be how can I integrate Vuforia with my native Android Studio app? When I press the button on the app, my intention would be to send the resource to the 3D object in Vuforia and then see the AR object.

Is this doable without Unity, or even at all?

I hope you understood me. I would very much appreciate any bit of help.

Thank you!
Best regards,

Passing data from android app to Vuforia

June 7, 2020 - 3:24pm #4

OK so I have an update. I managed to find a way to navigate from my app to the VuforiaSamples app, through creating an Intent, setting its class name to the Activity from the VuforiaSamples that I wanted to open (specifically, the GroundPlane Activity), and I started the activity. Now, when I press a button on my app, the GroundPlane Activity opens from the VuforiaSamples app. Knowing this, I added a new 3D object in the assets folder of the VuforiaSamples app, wanting to replace the default chair with the 3D object.


Now the big issue still remains: I don't know how to proceed. First off I would want to delete all the other 3D objects in the GroundPlane view, such that I will remain only with the default selection. Then, I would want to replace the chair with my new 3D asset that I just added. 


Can anyone give some insights on how this can be achieved? Thanks a lot.

Passing data from android app to Vuforia

June 7, 2020 - 1:56am #3



Thank you for your kind response. I have tried the Sample Vuforia app, and it works.

However, I am interested in uprooting only a part of this app (ground scan + 3D models) and integrating it in my already finished Android application. I have done a detailed read of the links you have provided, and they don't make it clear how to achieve this.


Again, my use case would be to press a button in my finished Android app and have one specific 3D model opened in AR. Pressing another button would open another 3D model. I hope you understand what I mean. Is this achievable?


Thanks a lot!

Passing data from android app to Vuforia

May 11, 2020 - 1:31am #2


You have here 2 questions.

1. Yes this is achievable through Unity

2. Yes, you should be able to integrate Vuforia in your existing Android app

Elaborating on the second point, we provide samples on articles in our library on working with Vuforia natively on Android.



Thank you.

Vuforia Engine Support

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