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Replacing the Teapot with other 3D object.

June 23, 2016 - 12:00am #1

I am working on the sample"User Defined targets" and able to render the Teapot on user defined target.

Now i want to replace the teapot with other 3D object.


I have gone through the discussion on forum and try to replace the object by this way:-

(link- how to convert object file into .h file to get the arrays) "http://heikobehrens.net/2009/08/27/obj2opengl/"

i got 3 arrays 1- for verts, 2- for norms, 3- for text cords

but not able to Draw the object properly. Object is drawn but the shape of object is very weird.

Attached is the pdf defining the steps.


Please suggest me the correct way to replace teapot with my own 3D object. I have .obj file of my 3D object.

PDF icon replacingTeapotWithoutJNA.pdf437.15 KB
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