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Slow onPause/onResume

January 26, 2018 - 8:20am #1


The app I work on consists of multiple tabs with fragments.

I modified the Vuforia sample app so the OpenGL view is added to the activity and the rest of the Vuforia is added in a fragment.

I needed to do this so I can use other fragments in the tab.

Everything works great, and when you switch to a different tab Pause gets called so Vuforia stops scanning.

When you go back to the Vuforia tab Resume gets called so the scanning continues.

However the pause and resume is quite slow (takes a second or 2 on a Samsung S8).

While it is pausing or resuming it freezes the whole app.

Nothing else is done except for the Vuforia library's pause/resume, no other UI work in the Vuforia tab.

Switching between other tabs excluding the Vuforia one is fast, so I'm sure it's Vuforia causing the lag.

Is there any way to make the Pause/Resume faster, or run it on a different thread so the tab switching goes faster?



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