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A small question

June 30, 2019 - 7:54am #1



I was wondering if anyone had any success utilizing Vuforia on the Oculus Quest. I was looking to put together a multiplayer AR 9Apps game for Oculus quest but my knowledge of Unity programming is rather limited. I was also looking to import assets from a couple of other projects, including a movable in app-web browser and some elements from Neurosky's EEG-headband technology Lucky Patcher unity oculus integration package. The EEG data would be used to modulate or apply post image effects/filters to the AR camera, while the purpose of vuforia would be to recognize "enemy" player Quest headsets (or a decal on the headset) and initiate a battle mode with projectile particle system attacks. I have all the various asset packages for the EEG data, web browser and Vuforia.



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