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UVC Camera Driver not working with Unity on Android 9 Pie

October 1, 2019 - 3:39am #1


I am trying to develop a Vuforia powered application that runs on Android using an external UVC camera. 

I am aware that Vuforia does not support UVC cameras out of the box, at least on Android, thus, I built a custom driver based on this procedure. The procedure was quite troublesome, but eventually produced the needed libraries to include in a Unity project.

For testing purposes I tried to modify the Vuforia Core Samples demo project, and make it work with an UVC camera insted of the onboard integrated camera.

Even thought the application seems to initialize correctly, a black screen is shown when loading a scene that uses an AR camera with a Vuforia Behavior component attached.

The ADB (Android Debug Bridge) log shows no noticeable error connected to the UVC Driver.

To be sure this is not a device-camera compatibility issue I tested different UVC cameras with dummy calibration profiles, but none is working. The same cameras work fine with other Android applications.

My host device is a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 9 Pie.

There seem to be other people on the internet stuck in the same situation (here and here) and no one that was actually able to see the end of this.

Can someone from Vuforia please take an interest in this topic?

Thank you.


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