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Video not showing just audio

July 20, 2017 - 12:29am #1

Hi there!

I create a new project and i used the videoplayback sample, i compared the cloudRecognition in the videoplayback and it's working the app can recognize the item from cloud database and the video is starting because there is sound but the video does not appear. 

I checked the code and i tried a lot of things, but still i did not find solution. 

When i call the the tracker from local storage it's working in the same app.

This is my cloud reco tracking:

TargetFinder finder = objectTracker.getTargetFinder();

        // Check if there are new results available:

        final int statusCode = finder.updateSearchResults();

        if (statusCode == TargetFinder.UPDATE_RESULTS_AVAILABLE)


            // Iterate through the new results: 


if (targetFinder.startInit(AppConstant.ACCESS_KEY, AppConstant.SECRET_KEY)) {



        int resultCode = targetFinder.getInitState();

        if (resultCode != TargetFinder.INIT_SUCCESS) {

(not the complete code) 

What could be the problem? I know the app can't render the video on texture but why? 


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