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video Playback not loading

April 2, 2016 - 6:28am #1

Hello Team,

          we are using vuforia video-play-back sample in unity 5.3 pro for a develop a Ar video app,   we wans't able to load video more  than 25 video via offline and Online , if we upload more than 25 video, most of the videos are not playing, we want to know the limits of video playback of  per-app or scene.

            let me share u the steps which we follow while development,

           step 1:  importing imageTraget perfab .

          step 2 :  setting a database and its traget name.

          step 3 :  importing video prefab into the imagetarget gmaeobject.

           step 4 : setting path via ( offline " name of video with extension.mp4"  or online " http://xxxx.com/xx.mp4  )

           these steps are repeated for 149 video in the scene. after final exporting to APK, we are facing problems in video loading and app not responding.    

things we did to solve this issue 

1: changing web server

2: loading video offline. ( offline version also works fine till 25 videos, if we upload more than that video is not loading, even the file name and proprieties are checked )

3:  divided scenes in many parts  

 kindly help us and solving this issue and let know the limits of videoplayback

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