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Video on texture, greny/pinky screen around the video playback

July 9, 2019 - 2:23am #1

I have a vidéo playback on texture app that was based on an ol Vuforia sample (but which has evolved a lot since then).

Since the update to Vuforia 8.3, the vidéo playback still wroks, but weirdly on some devices (oneplus 6), when I play a video, I get a pinky / greeny screen around the video playback.

The most recent video playback Vuforia sample works fine with my oneplus 6, so I tried to compare and update my app with piece of codes from the new Vuforia sample app (updated the shader, and the open gl commands to render the video keyframe), but with no luck so far.

Here are screenshots in case these pinky / greeny colours could ring a bell in your opengl specialst minds, thank s a lot for any help or hint.



Before playing the video, all is OK



While playing the video, greeny pinky around the video :

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