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Vuforia integration with LibGdx

December 11, 2017 - 9:46am #1


Do you have any example of Vuforia integration with Libgdx?

I found only one example but using older version of both libraries(https://github.com/daemontus/VuforiaLibGDX).

Other question.

Is there any documentation showing how build a Vuforia application from scratch? The only way I found was the samples provided here.

When we create a new App we always need start from one of samples?



-----------------------------My progress until now----------------------------

I tried several aproaches to use Vuforia and Libgdx. Here are some examples...


1) Cloned the code from https://github.com/daemontus/VuforiaLibGDX and upgraded both libraries. Fixed/changes some deprecated methods.

Result: A black screen that when we find the image target shows the 3d Model using Libgdx. This black screen is because we are no more using the Renderer.drawBackground() method. It doesnt exists in the actual version of Vuforia .

I tried change it using the code from https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Solution/How-To-Use-Rendering-Primitives#Using-the-Render-Primitive-Sample-Class but until now without success


2)Used a sample example from Vuforia code and added Libgdx to it.

Result: The app shows the images from camera and im showing the 3d object from Vuforia, but the 3d object appear as a static image over the camera view. Debugging the code I saw that isnt repeating the render method of libgdx. I couldn't see where we pass the values that will change the libgdx camera values according with the Vuforia parameters.


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