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Webcam connection problems

May 4, 2015 - 3:12pm #1

Technically this goes for both Vuforia 4 and Android but it seems to be more Android based.


So here's my issue. I'm running Unity 4.6 got the AR working fine on another computer with a built in webcam. trying to put it out to an Android device.

I can't select the Android camera on the AR camera device list. I added it in to the profile XML properly and everything.

When the App is ported for testing the camera turns on on the device but doesn't detect the AR markers (probably due to the AR camera not recongizing that it should be reading the markers through the camera)

So how do I get Unity/Vuforia4.0 to recognize an Android Tablet.

Tablet Specs are:

b1-730HD Acer

Android OS 4.4.2

Camera specs entered into the XML:  CAMERA 2M BY1598 DUCATI-F-O2


The name on the camera is how the android calls the camera. I know that part is at least working as the app turns on the camera.

Webcam connection problems

May 7, 2015 - 11:38am #2

You might want to see if Unity recognizes and lists the device on its own in WebCamTexture.devices.



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