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Wrong Camera Orientation

January 16, 2017 - 1:09am #1


We are developing our own Android-based hardware and we wish to use Vuforia (developed via Unity3D) for certain applications. However, we are having problems making Vuforia work well with our current camera orientation settings.

On our hardware, when the camera is placed horizontally - everything works fine. That is, when the camera is parallel to the placement of the display. However, we need to place the camera vertically, or in other words, with a 90 degree difference to the placement of the display. These are all hardware settings. Our kernel is programmed according to such settings and every other program that utilises the camera works compatibly with everything, including our IMU sensors. However, apps developed with Vuforia behave completely odd when the camera is placed vertically.

We assume the problem to be related to Vuforia's algorithms of processing raw camera data however we are not sure. Moreover, we do not know how to fix the situation. For further details, I can list:

-When "Enable Video Background" is on, the projected image is distorted and no video feed is available. The AR projection appears on a black background with distorted dimensions.

-When "Enable Video Background" is on and the device is rotated, the black background is replaced by flickering solid colors.

-When "Enable Video Background" is off, the AR projection has normal dimensions (no distortion) however it is tracked with wrong axis settings. For example, when the target moves left in real world, the projection moves up.

-When "Enable Video Background" is off and the device is rotated, the AR projection is larger compared to its appearance when the device is in it's default state.

I will be glad to provide any more information you need.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

PS: We have found out that applications that use the camera as a main purpose (Camera apps, Barcode Scanners, etc) work fine while apps for which camera usage is an extra quality (such as some games) have the same problem as Vuforia.

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