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Bug with 5 databases in a single project

SDK 9.8
August 15, 2021 - 8:13am #1


I did 5 AreaTarget scans and i ended up creating 5 databases, each with 1 Area Target.

Question 1 - Whats the difference between Database and AreaTarget and is there a best practice?

Question 2 - After importing my 5th scan, i.e 5th database, I realize i had some area targets visually disappear from my Scene view. You can see the screenshots attached. I basically have 3 scenes, where 2 scenes contain 2 AreaTargets each. 1 Scene contains 1 area target. In the 2 scenes where i had 2 AreaTargets each, each scene had 1 AreaTarget disappear from Scene View. They still exist in the Scene Hierarchy and the inspector settings seem like they are normal / populated. Its just visually not there in scene view.

The attached screenshot shows one such scene where I actually am meant to have 2 AreaTargets, the orange mesh represents the manually created NavMesh area covering both AreaTargets. You can see one AreaTarget is missing.


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Bug with 5 databases in a single project

August 16, 2021 - 6:50am #2

Hey there,


Let me try to answer as best as possible.

1. Databases are nothing more then local accessible databases for Vuforia Engine. Inside each database there is information regarding a target, in this case an area target. When you generate an area target either through the generator or the app it creates a database that Engine can use during runtime to detect your target. I've went ahead and flagged our How To Work with Device Databases article so that it will be better explained in the future.

2. Did you already check out this article regarding combining multiple area targets?


I hope that helped!

Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Technical Community Manager

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