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Object and Area Target Management

June 4, 2021 - 9:13am #1

Hey everyone,

I had a few questions regarding the area targets.

I believe I had seen this question in a prior post but wanted to confirm, once you have reached the 10 area targets limit is it possible to delete previous area targets in order to provide room for future scans. If not, is there the possibility to purchase additional area targets individually or on a monthly paid plan.

Following this, I was curious about the reaction, of unity based applications using area targets, to misplaced objects. With regards to this, I have two scenarios in mind:


Scenario 1: The area target was created in a room with many large and unique objects, and a single objects was either moved to a different location in the room or removed from the room entirely.

Scenario 2: The area target was created in a room with many large and unique objects similar to scenario one. In addition to this, a new object was introduced into the room and is within the allocated space of the previously scanned area target.

In both of these scenarios, would the addition, removal, or movement of a relatively large or small object affect an application's ability to recognize the scan? If it does, is there any way to prevent this if a scan has alread been made, or does a new scan need to be completed?

Please let me know when you get the chance.





Object and Area Target Management

June 9, 2021 - 2:23am #2


Unfortunately at this point in time no, once you reach the target limit, you would require a Pro license.

In regards to your second question and scenarios, Area Target is designed to work with some inconsistencies, removing or adding(occluding other objects) would be the same; in general significant changes to the room will result in the room not being recognized.

One possible solution would be to start the AR experience in a sport which has not changed and afterwards tracking should work pretty well although you might see some small misalignments when going over the area which was changed significantly.

If this option is tested and the tracking experience is not as expected, a rescan would be necessary.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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