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Overlapping Area Targets

June 10, 2021 - 1:23am #1

Hi again,

We are testing out an application with two connected area targets. In our case, they aren't only connected but also overlapping in some places, because we wanted to see how Leica and Matterport scans differ in tracking performance.

The problem we encountered is that the device changes between those targets repeatedly (causing jittery tracking) when in the overlapping area. I know I can just modify the multi-area script to make it stick to the preferred target but was wondering if I can edit (crop) the target in the Unity editor (similar to editing the authoring model provided)?

Also, the Leica Area Target is massive around 1 GB, compared to a 100 MB similar Matterport scan. It also takes really long to load even in the Area Target Test app, around a minute. Is this normal size and behavior for Area Targets generated from Leica's E57 files?

Thanks in advance!

Overlapping Area Targets

June 17, 2021 - 5:20am #3

Thanks for the reply!

- E57 file 1.6 GB total

- Unity package file generated by ATG is 547 MB

See the screenshots for more details.

For comparison, we have the same exact area but generated through the Matterport software. Same scanner (BLK360), same location, same capture points.

Also, when examining the E57 generated model in the Unity editor, it looked like it consisted of 1000s of tiny photos, even the navmesh wasn't a flat surface but rather a collection of those "textures on a point cloud". Same scan but through matterport generated a normal navmesh/authoring model with flat connected surfaces. 

Cannot share the model unfortunately, I am sure I'd be breaching some sort of privacy policy :D

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Overlapping Area Targets

June 14, 2021 - 11:35pm #2


Scaning data is tracking agnostic, which means, you should get the same tracking accuracy from all scanners.

Unfortunately we do not have such a tool/feature in place, to author/process the scan in Unity. This should be done as you hinted before exporting the scan. The good news here is, that Product Managment is aware of the need of such a functionality and is looking into this.

There should be a difference between matterport and leica/navis the lather being always bigger in size on the same area. Now is the difference 1 to 10, hard to say :).

Could you please confirm the following for the leica scan:

1. Size of scan?

2. Size of Dataset after processing

3. Would it be possible to share with us the scan?

Thank you.

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