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Using Area Target and Image Target Simultaneously

June 25, 2021 - 12:30pm #1

I want use the Area Target and the Image Target functions simultaneously. So what I did is that I created two targets in my scene (one for the area target and the other for an image target)

However, when I build the app, one of the targets gets deleted automatically from the scene. I'm am not sure why that happens.

My intention is to use Area Target as the main AR tracking mechanism. At the same time I want to use the image target function to control the relative position of a virtual avatar to the actual room at the runtime. The target image will NOT move at the runtime, however, its location is varied when ever I open the app. 


Using Area Target and Image Target Simultaneously

July 4, 2021 - 11:40pm #2


You can run various engine features simultaniously, including Image Target and Area Target. A quick way to test in the editor would be to use the simulation mode. here are more details:

Coming back to your issue, would it be possible to use our Core Sample as a test and add the Area target to the Image Target scene? Let us know if this works.

If this is not working, please confirm: Unity, Vuforia Engine version? device used for testing?

Thank you.

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