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Vuforia Area Target Tracking Starus RELOCALIZING

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October 19, 2022 - 7:31pm #1


I develop an AR navigation [Unity + Vuforia Engine] in an areas that contain around 14 racks in total. Each racks have same structure. For each sides, got columns and rows that we have colored with random colors combination like Figure 1 (in img attached) to help AR recognize sides for a particular racks.

I’m facing Area Target tracking problem which Vuforia ObserverBehaviour -> TargetStatus frequently return RELOCALIZING ( tracking system is currently relocalizing) status if:

  1. User start to move toward end of racks
  2. User need to go to (Rack 2, Side 3) from behind (Rack 1, Side 1) to switch rack & side
  3. User too close to particular compartment in rack

How do I solve/improve tracking to avoid the RELOCALIZING while user use AR navigation app?


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