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Caching in Books sample

January 5, 2017 - 6:48am #1

Hi --

I have modified the Unity Books sample to use my own recognition target images stored in a Vuforia Cloud database, and modified the metadata for those targets to point to my own JSON files stored in an Amazon S3 bucket.  This all worked fine, except for this one issue:

After installing the app, I modified the JSON files to show different text, in order to verify that I could change augmentation content offline.  However when I ran the app again and recognized the targets, I got the old text displayed. This tells me that recognizing a cloud target somehow caches that information.  Other posts I've read claim that caching after cloud recognition is not happening, but it certainly appears that it is; here's why I think that:

After deleting the app and reinstalling it, it displayed the new text correctly. The app is clearly caching, because the size of the app increases on the device with each new successful recognition; the Documents and Data number for the app increases after each new recognition when viewed in Setting/sGeneral/Storage & iCloud Usage/, but is not increasing when recognizing the same target over and over again.

I'd like to know if it's possible to control this caching, and enable or disable it based on the desired behavior.

Thanks in advance.



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