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Cloud Reco & Native SDKs

November 9, 2016 - 1:21pm #1


We're working on a project involving cloud recognition and variable user experiences. However, we're hitting some speed bumps and have a few questions. Perhaps the fine people here can help us out with the following.


• Is it possible to see a working example of onInitARDone being initialized after the camera has already been stated?

• Using the native Vuforia SDK (iOS & Android) is it possible to get cloud database information before the browser is loaded?

• Is it possible to render an experience object after a scan is already complete and we have the meta data from the target?

• We seem to think that Vuforia uses the same GL view to render the camera and the experience objects, or does it use a separate GL view for the experience objects and the camera?

• Is there any formal documentation that we don’t have access to?

A final one, though this isn't directly related to cloud reco: 

Vuforia Web Service: 

• We’re unable to get the meta data from a trackable via the Vuforia Web Service, is it possible to get this data or perhaps the date created via the VWS?


Thanks everyone in advance. 

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