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Cloud Recognition IOS Request Timedout

May 24, 2015 - 6:08am #2

Hello everyone,

First I apologize for the long post.


I have developed an App based on Cloud Recognition on android and IOS platforms using Unity. The app scans the target and gets the URL for the corresponding assetbundle from the metadata and then uses WWW to download and shows an indecator that the download is in progress and views the content when its done. Also, it uses the WWW to get textures from a server to view in the UI of the application. 


The app works fine on android, however on IOS, the download indecator doesn't disappear and the assetbundle never gets downloaded and after maybe 10 minutes it shows a "Request Timed out" Error. I researched the issue on Unity forums and almost everything about that matter suggests that the problem is from a memory leak from Unity itself on IOS, that it doesn't handle the disposing of the objects of WWW class properly and the OS shuts the connection of the app down and that result to a request timed out in the App.


However, unity moderators say that this problem have been handled in unity 4.5 versions (I'm using unity 4.6.3) and others say that the bug still presists and its a real mess out there. 


One thing to note is that the error shows using the premade error handling code in the cloud recognition sample app from vuforia. Which suggests that the problem is either from 

  1. the connection of the app with Vuforia servers and that is why the vuforia error handling code was triggered (which means the problem is NOT actually memory leak but a connection problem between the app and vuforia servers) ,
  2. or that the OS shuts down the connection for the whole app (including the connection with vuforia servers and that triggered the vuforia error handling code) because of the memory leak bug.


I'm not experienced with developing apps on IOS platforms and its issues so I'm asking for help on that matter. Have this ever happened with anyone? Could the problem be from a Memory leak? Please share your experience with me.

Cloud Recognition IOS Request Timedout

May 28, 2015 - 10:22am #1

It doesn't sound like a CloudReco issue since a TargetSearchResult was received and the URL to the AssetBundle was retrieved from the TargetSearchResult.MetaData.

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