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Cloud recognition with unlimited targets and recos

June 19, 2016 - 12:16pm #1

Hello guys

We are an Advertising company and we wanted to integrate AR in our works, We were searching for an AR company and found one and started to develop a system based on Vuforia cloud. In the middle of the process we received an email from another AR company with a very interesting system.

The system is a simulating Vuforia cloud with a normal Classic vuforia license and let you run it on your own servers which means you will have unlimited targets and recognition on a very low price.

I'd like to ask Vuforia team if first this is legal according to your agreements.
I'd also want to ask Vuforia developers on what are your thoughts on how such system works,??
We have tested the system and we can say their claims are 100% correct and their system is working fine with a panel and app which lets users manage their own AR system with just drag and drop simplicity


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