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Dynamic positioning of UI objects on top of image target

March 15, 2016 - 10:31pm #1

Hi, I am currently working on a research project that requires us to develop a system that will allow user to take a picture and upload the picture themselves to upload to the system, to allow them to use the photos that they've taken as AR detectable image target and we are thinking that vuforia cloud is a very suitable choice.

But I have a question regarding the image target which I've been testing on to figure out a solution for this, which I am not sure if it is possible and how it can be done.

So, after the user has taken a picture he will upload the image and also specifiy the position where the augmentation(either a square, oval or circle, eg) will appear over the picture. There can be multiple other augmentation(square, circle, rectangles) over the picture simultaneously.

This can be easily done with the vuforia on the device because the imagetarget inside unity shows the picture and all we have to do is to lay the objects on top of the imagetarget. But how can we do this, if lets say we want to do it dynamically? Thanks!


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