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How to resize and place asset on cloud target

June 27, 2018 - 2:30pm #1



So I have cloud reco working with asset bundles and everything, but there's still one issue.

I am using Unity and when I am building the prefab for the the asset bundle, I am building off of the Cloud Mesh.  The Cloud Mesh does not allow me to place assets onto my target in specific places as there is no reference image, just the Cloud Mesh.


My question is How can I build my prefab and have my stroke boxes or objects sized correctly without creating a separate image target database?


For example, if I upload a target image to Vuforia as a "Device Database", then I can download that database and place my prefab assets accordingly using the Image Target as a reference.  When building cloud targets, I have nothing to reference to the size or placement.


What is the best way to size and place assets on a Cloud Target or What is the best way to get a reference image for sizing and placing assets?


If I have a magazine page with multiple ads and I want to put a video on the top left Ad and a strokebox on the bottom right Ad, how can I place those assets correctly without a reference image or how can I get a reference image?


I was thinking about creating a mesh in Blender with the Image as it's Texture, then importing it to Unity and resizing it.

I'm just not sure what to do here.  Is there a correct way to get the reference image to match the correct scale of the width of the cloud target?

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