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Image target on found error

February 12, 2021 - 12:16am #1



I'm using target manager with type 'cloud'. I'm uploading images to database with VWS. Images are uploading and changing status to 'Active'. After few minutes  uploaded images are deleting from database.


It example of response, that i've recieved:


  "status" => 404

  "body" => "{"result_code":"UnknownTarget","transaction_id":"9e5cfb744d01462e8a100361d44c6aa8"}"



I have repeated this in web interface and get the same.Images are deleting after few minutes after changing status in "Active"


Uploaded images are less 2mb with correct extensions(.jpeg)


Where is my wrong?



Image icon IMG_20200405_154526.jpg1.6 MB
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