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Memory issue when Loading/Unloading 10000+ FBX files inside a mobile app?

April 6, 2017 - 1:28am #1

I have a few technical questions about the vuforia platform.  I'm asking these questions because we want to investigate the possibility of making an app that will present products in 3D for an ecommerce website that contains 10000+ products.

1. Is it possible to have one image target and use unity assetbundles to serve an amount in the order of 10000 .obj or .fbx files? Or is there a limit due to memory usage of the loading and unloading. And how many .fbx files could you load with this method if the average model filesize is 25Mb on a mobile device?

2. If I would use the cloud recognition platform so that for every .obj file I would have an imagetarget, wouldn't I run into the same memory loading and unloading problem after a while?

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