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Metadata package encoding issue

July 27, 2015 - 9:14am #1

Dear Forum,


I have created an Android App by using the Cloud Reco sample provided by Vuforia. Everything works fine so far, I can upload target images through Vuforia Web Servies and retrieve them in the CloudReco activity without an issue.


If anyone has an idea about the following I would be more than glad to hear it.

My question is about the metadata and the way they are stored on the Vuforia servers. When I attach short Strings as metadata such as "test" or equivalent, the results.getMetadata() method works perfectly fine for me in the CloudReco activity. However, attaching a larger string such as an BASE64 encoded image leads to the situation where results.getMetadata() method causes a crash of my app. The metadata string is successfully passed to the server and the target image created. However, if I download the metadata package manually from the vuforia website it turns out to be badly formatted (below example snippet in UTF-8 encoding) :




During debugging I monitored that the string that is passed by my activity looks (of course) significantly different. 

Im quite sure the causes the app crash but unfortunately i have not been able to spot a discussion here in the forum that deals with the same issue. Due to the fact that I do not receive a "target image too large" response from the server during the upload I assume that the error is somewhere else on my end. 


If anyone has - or even better had - the same issue I would appreciate any input from your side(s). 


Best Regards,


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Metadata package encoding issue

July 30, 2015 - 9:13pm #4

You might want to upload small binary byte size (<100k) meta-data files from VWS to confirm that you're client-side encoding is working correctly and then increase size from there. You can also use our unmodified Java VWS samples in Eclipse or other IDE for testing.

Metadata package encoding issue

July 29, 2015 - 2:35pm #3

Yes, this works out perfectly fine. If the submitted String from my app was too large, I would get an Error in the Log section whenn passing with VWS, correct? I am using a slightly adapted version of the vuforia cloud reco sample. 


Have you experienced a similar situation at some point? Any help is much appreciated...

Metadata package encoding issue

July 28, 2015 - 7:57pm #2

If you manually upload your meta-data in the Target Manager (not using VWS), does your app correctly parse it when it is provided in the TargetSearchResult that is returned?

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