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Metadata videoURL playback

February 8, 2018 - 5:14am #1


So I'm building an app with cloud reco.

So far I've tried and tested with the Core Samples, and everything works perfectly when deployed to my phone. Now, I have uploaded a metadata .txt to my target database.

First I tried with only the video URL - and the app returns the URL.

Then, I tried with a txt file with a link to my own json on my own server, where the json had the link to the video url. Now, this also returns the URL of my video.

What would be really cool, is to have it actually play the video. I have searched through these forums, help files and documentation and read what I have found to be relevant. I am not a programmer, however I understand syntax. My problem is knowing where to put what code. And also, what that code looks like.

So, if anyone could be so kind to provide me specific instructions on how to get my video to play in the Cloud Reco sample, I would be a happy camper. :)

I have also read the code in the book sample, without becoming any wiser. There's a lot of json handling, and I don't know what is necessary to use if you're just going to play a video.

And I absolutely promise to write a step by step tutorial on this entire process if I can get help. So many are asking about this exact thing.

Thank you so much, in advance. :)

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