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Overlay Image on Cloud-Recognized target at runtime

March 9, 2018 - 9:09pm #1

I started developing an android AR app using Vuforia library a few days ago. I am able to overlay my custom image over pre-defined stones-and-chips target in the vuforia sample app provided. In Cloud Reco sample, it recognizes the image object and i am able to fetch the meta data for the same from the cloud db,which i use to fetch the overlay image from the remote server. How can I now overlay my custom image over this recognized target?

I see in the User Defined Targets, it builds an Image Target at runtime and overlays the image. Can we achieve this in the Cloud Reco flow?

How can I make an Image Target dynamically after matching it against my cloud db, and then track and overlay my custom image on top of it?


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